The height of low-impact living

From inception the intention with No. 2 Silo was to include all of the best materials and technology required for it to become one of the first residential buildings in Cape Town to garner a GBCSA rating. (Green Building Council of South Africa)


As the most environmentally friendly residential building in town, No. 2 Silo’s innovative green features are obviously good news for the environment. At the same time they are also designed to minimise running and maintenance costs.

Passive heat transfer technology is used in common-use areas like the lobby, lifts and basement parking to cost-effectively reduce ambient temperatures and heat the rooftop swimming pool.

Energy-efficient lighting has been installed throughout the development, while solar water heaters and heat pumps significantly decrease electricity consumption. Real-time water and energy monitoring allows residents to check their consumption at all times and adjust accordingly.

No. 2 Silo’s unique building process significantly reduced the amount of cement and virgin steel required, compared to a standard building, and wherever possible FSC timber has been specified. Toxic environmental pollutants are avoided by using only low VOC products.

Even the irrigation system installed in and around the development is optimised and monitored to reduce use of potable water.

There is a dedicated recycling storage room in the building, as well as facilities on each floor for recyclable waste collection.

Most importantly, just being located in a convenient, service-rich, central location with abundant amenities and public transport options cuts the amount of driving required – further reducing No. 2 Silo’s modest carbon footprint.